Artist Paints Stunning Murals While Balancing On A Paddleboard

Being able to paint lifelike murals is a talent in itself, let alone balancing on a paddleboard whilst doing so.
Hawaii-born painter and street artist Sean Yoro, aka Hula, uses a paddleboard to access potential canvases. Once he finds a suitable surface, Yoro balances on his paddleboard while he patiently goes about transforming the canvas into a stunning piece of interactive art.
Not only does Hula paint on walls, he has even painted a stunning mural on an iceberg. The artist used the water line as a frame and his figure is illustrated to appear as though it’s emerging from the sea. Hula told website The Creators Project, âäœI painted my murals on melting icebergs as a representation of people already being affected by climate change and the need for urgency in responding.âä The fleeting condition of the mural, in that in a few weeks time they will melt, dissolve, and be lost forever, highlights the time sensitive nature of this issue. Yoro writes about the project on his website: âäœI hope they ignite a sense of urgency, as they represent the millions of people in need of our help who are already being affected from the rising sea levels of climate change.âä

For legal reasons, the locations of Hulaâä™s iceberg murals are undisclosed.
Hula’s current installation âä“ called Lewa âä“ is painted on an abandoned shipping dock and depicts a woman gently reclining as if at the edge of a swimming pool.
You can find more of his work on Instagram under @the_hula where the artist has almost 100k followers.
Featuring: Sean ‘Hula’ Yoro, Lewa
When: 31 Jul 2016
Credit: Sean ‘Hula’ Yoro (Supplied by

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